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May 2, 2016 11:07 pm Published by 2,306 Comments

Whether you’re considering tree planting in your front yard, installing a new hedge, or adding some annual color to your commercial landscaping, there are literally thousands of varieties of plants that may be available to use on your property. Choosing the right plants, installing them in the right locations and in the proper manner can not only beautify your property, but it can add functionality to your landscape and increase your property value.

Adding the right plants to your landscaping design can give you decades of beauty on your property. If properly selected and placed, these additions can provide multi-season interest with colorful foliage, vibrant flowers, unique bark, showy fruit to attract wildlife, and even provide other valuable functions. A carefully planned and installed landscape can provide screening for privacy, improve security of your site, and even lower energy costs to heat and cool your home. Depending upon the light exposure, moisture content, and other site considerations, knowing which plant is suitable for each area of your property is essential to maximize your investment, lower maintenance, and maximize enjoyment.

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