The importance of Landscaping

May 2, 2016 11:07 pm Published by 5,400 Comments

It is true, a well-landscaped yard surrounding a brand new home is a beautiful sight. Not only does it allow you to feel more at home, it will generate compliments from family and friends. Moreover, though those are both excellent things, they are certainly not the only benefits landscaping provides. First, landscaping adds significant value to your home. In fact, estimates range from ten to twelve percent increases in home value following professional landscaping. On the other hand, should you ever decide to sell, a poorly landscaped yard can drop your expected sale price significantly.

There is also the important aspect of landscaping that ensures that water will not cause a lake in your backyard or basement. Landscaping directs the flow of water so you will not have future issues. Landscaping can also help the energy-efficiency of your home. Well planned and implemented landscaping can provide trees for shade, shrubs to direct cooling breezes, and open areas for the accumulation of winter snow.

Landscaping also allows for easier navigation through your yard. Paths and walkways help to keep mud and water from being tracked into the house. Furthermore, you can install a patio to create a serene outdoor living space. This offers the ability to enjoy a quiet family barbecue or a large gathering of friends.  Also, following construction is the perfect time for your landscaping project. It offers you a clean slate to create your yard like no other time and have your yard done right.

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